Blake Shelton's harem of gorgeous brunettes – Naia Kete, Charlotte Sometimes and Jordis Unga -- were in the bottom of the voting after the first live shows on 'The Voice,' so they were given the opportunity to sing for the save on tonight's (April 3) elimination episode. Shelton could choose only one lady to stay, thus sending the other two home. He saved Jordis. There was no agonizing or high drama when he shared his decision. Shelton ripped the Band Aid off swiftly, and made his choice, but not before telling the other two how much he loved 'em.

Kete sang Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy,' pairing her dreads with a long blue (ivy) gown. She injected her signature, street reggae style into the song. Shelton wanted her to come out and do full on Bob Marley, but the choices were limited when it came to reggae.

Charlotte Sometimes, who really reminds us of Lea Michele, performed Goo Goo Dolls' ballad 'Iris,' and she nailed it. She also looked absolutely modelesque in her shimmery, white mini. Her voice cracked mid-song, as she was overcome with emotion and cried. The camera immediately cut to her coach, who was beyond stressed, since he had a tough decision to make.

Unga, the resident rocker, performed 'Wild Horses,' starting out in a low key and staying there. She showed power and ability through her subdued nature, and we have to admit, she took it.

The remaining coaches unanimously thought Jordis was the clear winner. Her coach even said he based his choice on what he saw on the stage in that moment and nothing else.

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