Destruction, not to mention mayhem and marauding, rules in Blink-182's video for 'Up All Night.' While the trio is playing in a house at night, the rest of the safe, suburban town in which the house is situated is burning. There are fires set while children and teenagers riot in the streets.

There's a knee-high kid with a punk rock-approved mohawk and a fence with "No More Parents" spray painted on it. There's a troublemaker on a bicycle who will remind children of the '80s of the two dollar seeking paperboy in 'Better Off Dead.' Yet we never suspect that anyone is any real danger. It's just kids, blowing off some adolescent steam.

The coolest part of the video is when the kids go skateboarding on a ramp that's been built in the living room. The ceremonial smashing of dishes also signifies the youth gone wild. Amid the marauding are kids in shopping carts. When the band sings, "All these demons / They keep me up all night," it makes you wonder if the demons that Tom DeLonge and crew speak of are the kids in this video.

The video's climax is off screen. That is, we see two lines of kids facing each other and running towards one another in what's known as the "wall of death" at rock shows. But the video closes seconds before the two opposing lines of humans smash into one another. There is a shot of the sky, with particles floating in the air. It makes you wonder what happened and you are left thinking it can't be good.

Is it anti-climactic? Not really ... But given all the melee in the video, it would have been fun to see some more action instead of leaving us to speculate.

Watch the Blink-182 'Up All Night' Video