If you can't beat 'em, reward 'em. At least that's what Blink-182 did for their video for their new single 'Up All Night.' The pop punk band, who finally released their first single in almost 10 years last month, created a video for the song by cobbling together footage and clips of their fans illegally using their music online. But rather than punish fans for doing so, Blink-182 are rewarding them.

It's all cyclical when it comes to the Internet, isn't it? Use a band's music without asking them and then have it used in their new video. We wonder if any fans will get aggro at Blink for using their clips without asking!

The band issued the following statement about giving back to the fans who took the music without seeking proper permission. The statement read: "To launch our first single in eight years, AT&T helped us search YouTube for every instance of fans using our music without our permission. And then we rewarded them for it. This film is made out of clips from all those videos. Thanks for being a fan."

The video is even dubbed 'The Blink-182 Fan Festival You Didn't Know You Entered.' We've gotta hand it to Blink-182 for embracing, rather than trying to futilely fight the reality of the digital age.  Let's hope that other bands follow suit, since you can't beat the web.

Watch Blink-182 'Up All Night' Video