Blink-182 finally released their first new song in over a decade with 'Up All Night,' which premiered on Los Angeles radio station KROQ.

While the power trio were always known for their silly, goofy lyrics, nasally vocals and three-chord pop punk melodies, they've lived a lot of life in the past decade and that life and world experience has informed their music, which is decidedly grown up on 'Up All Night.' They're in their mid-30s and they took a directional left turn, all the while holding fast to their signature sound.

Here's what's new and different: 'Up All Night' is a little spacier than anything we've ever heard the band do. Perhaps that element is courtesy of vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge's post-Blink project, Angels & Airwaves, which were more forward-thinking and progressive-minded than Blink. The song is also a lot heavier than previous Blink offerings, with more than a few biting guitar riffs and some thunderous percussion, provided courtesy of Travis Barker, who did proclaim the song was heavy. He wasn't kidding.

The adenoidal vocal harmonies traded off by DeLonge and vocalist/bassist Mark Hoppus, long a hallmark of Blink-182, are still in play and that's really how you know it's Blink-182 when you hear the song. Blink went on to inspire a generation of post-pop-punk bands, like Fall Out Boy, and they might do it again with their new sonic flavor and flair.

There's one lyrical turn of phrase that certainly sums up 'Up All Night' and Blink-182's return to making new music: "All these demons / They keep me up all night" is certainly much more mature than "What's my age again?" It's clear that DeLonge, Barker and Hoppus had more music in them that they had to get out and 'Up All Night' is a terrific, if different, slice of music from the band.

They also sing about how life changes. It sure does. So does music. It's call evolution and Blink-182 have certainly done that. They're more rock-punk this time out.

Listen to Blink-182, 'Up All Night'