Lady Gaga has a fan in Blondie's Debbie Harry. Harry is a New York City music icon, so Gaga is no doubt thrilled to have Harry in her corner. "I was taken with talking with Lady Gaga. She is a very sweet, informed and smart girl. I think she is lovely," Harry told iheartradio. "She was very sweet to me. I think she is a real talent." Known as a style star and trendsetter herself, Harry also praised Gaga for her rock 'n' roll risk taking. "I love the fact that she is going wild and bringing some real flash to her style. She is working it in a way that is really exciting. It's very rock 'n' roll. That's what rock 'n' roll should be," Harry said.

Lady Gaga: She's not just a pop star anymore!

Gaga isn't the only one who has won Harry over. The singer admitted that '80s pop singer George Michael "is as sexy as they come. I love his talent." She also compared to him to another George. "He is the George Clooney of the music world." Michael is probably blushing over that high praise.

We reported previously that Harry is a LMFAO fan. She revealed she would love to be in a LMFAO video. "I love them, love those guys, they are fun," she gushed as she engaged in a little shuffle.

D Harry has still got it after all these years!

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