Even though it seems like Lady Gaga released the single 'You and I' just yesterday, fans of Mother Monster are already buzzing about her fifth single off of 'Born This Way.' On Twitter, Gaga's little monsters have begun trending the hashtah '#BloodyMary' in order to persuade the singer into releasing the song as her next single.

One Gaga fan wrote: "I really want #BloodyMary to be the next single, is that to much to ask @ladygaga??" Another fan tweeted, "#BloodyMary on Trends "LittleMonsters : D wich means... probably... will be the next video no? @ladygaga." One little monster even went so far as to create some single artwork for the song!

The staff here at PopCrush are fans of the song, too! The slower, synth-driven song is a religious-twinged track with classical influences and creepy monk chants accompanying Gaga's melancholy lyricism. If released, 'Bloody Mary' would be a far-cry from her high-energy singles like 'Judas,' 'The Edge of Glory' and 'Born This Way.'

What do you think, little monsters? Would 'Bloody Mary' be your pick for Gaga's next single, or would you like the songstress to release a different tune off of 'Born This Way'?

Listen to Lady Gaga, 'Bloody Mary'