Just in case there was any lingering doubt whether international icon BoA could still knock out a fierce dance routine fifteen years after her debut on the music scene, let it be known: She's still kicking, thrusting and flipping circles 'round the competition — and making it look effortless while doing so.

It's only been a few months since the Queen of K-Pop dominated once again in her homeland with her self-produced Kiss My Lips but, in usual South Korean superstar form, she's already back at it with another round — and this time, it's for Japan.

"Lookbook" is BoA's 39th (!) Japanese single, which comes bundled with a Japanese version of "Kiss My Lips," as well as a newly re-record "self-cover" (!!) of her touching Christmas power ballad, "Meri Kuri." (Whether it's a one-off or the start of a new album campaign remains to be seen.)

Speaking of sight, BoA's EDM-driven new tune is all about #fashion for the Instagram generation set against a throbbing beat. ("OOTD!" she shouts out at one point. Such an #ontrend digital fashionista!) The surging chorus makes for some classic BoA dance breakdowns — and she even serves up some rapping midway through, being the versatile pop diva that she is.

Appropriately, the accompanying video is a mixture of high fashion photo shoots, smartphone selfies, neon-lit party bus revelry and fierce choreography, especially once she seriously breaks it down at the very end...

And yes, BoA is fully aware you're checkin' her out.