Whoa! Shortly after Bobbi Kristina public with her relationship with adopted brother Nicholas Gordon, rumors are abound that the pair are gearing up to tie the knot.

TMZ reports that Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter, 19, was spotted rocking a rock on her all-important finger as she walked hand-in-hand with Gordon, 22. Though grandmother Cissy Houston opposes the pairing, deeming it "incestuous" and expressing that she believes Gordon is exploiting Bobbi Kristina's issues, Bobbi Kristina doesn't care.

According to TMZ, Bobbi Kristina sees nothing incestuous about the relationship since Gordon is not related to her by blood. A source told the site, "[Bobbi Kristina] can't please everyone, so she is going to please herself by doing what she wants to do for once."

While it was previously reported that Whitney Houston gave her blessing to the relationship, it's unclear whether or not she'd approve of it moving this quickly and getting so serious. As for whether or not the engagement rumors are true, Bobbi Kristina's pals said that all she told them was that she and Gordon are planning a trip to Las Vegas. Do you think the duo are goin' to the chapel?