With the huge success of Adele's Oscar-winning song 'Skyfall,' producers of the James Bond movies are clamoring to have the songstress be the newest voice of their film franchise.

A source told The Sun, "Producers are thrilled by how well the song has been received and hope Adele’s presence on the next film will replicate that success. They want her to become as synonymous with Bond as Dame Shirley." Those are big shoes to fill!

'Skyfall' definitely had the classic-Bond sound not unlilke Shirley Bassey's classic tracks, 'Goldfinger' and 'Diamonds Are Forever,' but with a pronounced modern twist. Plus, how can you go wrong with Adele singing anything? She could sing the title track to 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' and would still sell tickets.

The Sun also reportedly spoke with one of Adele's aunts after the singer's big win at the Oscars, Anita Adkins said, "We streamed it live online through the night. When Adele burst into tears, we all did the same. We’re all quite strong but we’re also very emotional. Adele’s one of us. We feel what she feels." Aww! Adele's making her family so proud!

When she's not totally busy being a mom and winning Oscars, Adele is also working on material for her third album. Maybe there will be some Bond-inspired tracks on it? We can only hope!

Watch the Adele 'Skyfall' Lyric Video