Like that vintage Members Only jacket hanging in the back of your closet, Bonnie McKee is stuck in the '80s — and we love her for it.

The American Girl-slash-singer-songwriter is a bona fide bombshell in her new music video for "I Want It All," premiering exclusively on PopCrush today (June 21).

The track — McKee's latest single off her vastly underrated 2015 EP, Bombastic — is a rowdy, power-packed pop anthem straight out of the decade that gifted us Desperately Seeking Susan... and the video is no less nostalgic.

A passionate, committed ode to the '80s, the riotous clip literally has it all: Retro VHS static, voluminous feathered hair, girl gang vs. boy gang dance-offs, Thriller-esque fog haze and enough studded leather to make Michael Jackson jealous.

In the clip, the "Wasted Youth" singer struts down a smokey, back-lit alleyway, each knee-high stiletto boot stomp underscoring a zealous electric guitar riff that sounds somewhat similar to the original 1984 Ghostbusters theme. There, she encounters a throng of bad boys and a fierce dance battle ensues, the pop diva dominating her competition with a series of seductive hips rolls and ferocious hair flips.

"I would make a deal with the devil / Turn my heart into metal / Just to get to you," she promises over a thumping beat, conviction burning in her heavily-lined eyes.

While potentially accidental, the video also plays like an homage to glamor model-turned-pop-star Samantha Fox, whose 1986 clip "I Wanna Have Some Fun" bears a striking resemblance to McKee's, from the title of the track, to the lighting, to the leather outfits and sexy dance breakdowns.

Of course, this isn't the first time McKee has paid tribute to her musical and aesthetic influences: Her 2015 music video for "Bombastic" recalled the sensual aerobics of Olivia Newton-John's 1981 classic, "Physical," fused with the raucous, Weird Science sex-pop of Missing Persons' way-ahead-of-her-time frontwoman, Dale Bozzio.

For now, it seems Bonnie McKee is hellbent on driving forward with her signature brand of '80s-inspired bad girl pop on high volume — and we're happy to go along for the ride.

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