Vocalist Bono and guitarist The Edge of U2 fame got caught in the 'American Idol' web on tonight's season finale, performing a song from the beleaguered Broadway musical 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.' (We won't even go there and detail all the injuries, permit problems and stops and starts the show has endured over the past few months!)

Reeve Carney, who stars in the Broadway show, joined the rock legends on he stage, which was covered in -- what else? -- webs. While the trio performed, an actual Spiderman swung from the ceiling and then tried to plant a kiss on the lips of judge Jennifer Lopez a la a recreation of a key scene from the first movie. How sassy.

At first, we were surprised that iconoclasts like members of U2 would actually perform on show like 'Idol,' but it was a smart move to help promote the Broadway show for which they wrote music. It's simple marketing and even the likes of Bono (who didn't remove his signature shades) realize the value of promotion through a vehicle like 'American Idol.'

Watch Bono, The Edge, and Reeve Carney Perform a Song from 'Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark'