Despite his ongoing baby-mama drama and shutting down his Twitter account, Bow Wow is still keeping busy with his upcoming mixtape, 'Greenlight 4.' The rapper posted a video of himself in the studio working on a song that possibly will feature Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes.

In the clip, we see Bow Weezy dancing to an instrumental track with a bouncy piano groove and a thunderous beat with the refrain, "This Mary Jane got me feelin' like ooooh." PopCrush can only speculate that the song is about the sticky-icky otherwise known as marijuana, but we digress.

For Bow Wow, this isn't just a random mixtape of freestyle verses -- he's treating it as a major studio effort. "This EP the Greenlight 4 I'm using it like an album," he says in the video. "Something everybody can digest until 'Underrated' comes. Right now I'm just trying to get organize with the [tracklisting] and what song is going where."

The Ohio rapper hasn't released new music since his 2009 album, 'New Jack City II.' Despite his two-year absence, Mr. Wow has remained focused on his craft. "Since I signed with Cash Money I just kept recording," he says. "I just stayed in the studio while everybody was on tour. Yeah, I was on tour for a little movie ('Madea's Big Happy Family') but I was always in the lab just practicing and just getting better [and] just writing. [I've been] listening to a lot of classic albums -- a lot of [Tupac], Eminem's first album I got inspiration from."

As for what his rap fans should expect on his new mixtape, Bow Wow says, "I'm talking about s--t in my life. Let's see if mother------s either have some type of connection to it or understand it."

Bow Wow will his release 'Greenlight 4' mixtape on August 15, just before his ‘Underrated’ LP drops on November 1.

See Bow Wow Working on Hiw 'Greenlight 4' Mixtape