Rapper Bow Wow's new song 'I'ma Stunt' is the latest leak from his upcoming mixtape 'Greenlight 4,' which is expected to hit the Internet on Aug. 15.

The Cash Money rhyme-slinger rap about spending heaps of cash on women, cars and clothes, which seems odd for him to brag about since he's a new dad. Nevertheless, Bow Wow claims to ball out of control because he's young, rich and famous. "Mohawk (haircut) 'cause these hoes love it / Stuntin' is a must around here / YM, CM / Damn right / This is our year," he brags.

Lil Wanye adds his materialistic raps to the mix spitting, "Young meal ticket / Watch me kick it like Jarobi / Flip it like aerobics / My flow is so heroic."

The song goes from bad to worst when rap newcomer 2 Chainz jumps in and offers some lackluster rhymes about spending money on car rims and strippers. His lyrics are so bad they are not worthy for print or repeating.

Overall, 'I'ma Stunt' is nothing to get hyped about. Plus, Bow Wow shouldn't be stuntin' in the club, instead he should saving his money.

Listen to Bow Wow, 'I'ma Stunt' Feat. Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, 2 Chainz