Bow Wow has had some stuff on his mind as of late. In his new 'S--- on My Mind' video, the former pint-sized rapper opens up about baby mama troubles and the haters he can't seem to shake.

At the beginning of the video, Bow Wow enters a junkyard shirtless and glances at a piece of paper with the header "Why do most of the people hate me?" written on it. Beneath it, B lists bullet points like, "They're professional haters," "I don't take drugs," and "They don't know me" as a means to explain the unwanted hate.

"How am I supposed to stay focused and stay on my grind when I got s--- on my mind?" Bow raps in the video. Because his head is in a cloud of stress, his mind jumps back and forth from the trash pile he's singing in to the Orpheum Theatre, where we see a big explosion in the street.

Earlier this month, Bow Wow announced to his fans that he is a father, but spilled that there is some tension between him and the baby's mother. In the video, he clarifies that once again when he sings, "Baby mama got me stressin' callin' asking for bread."

The issues that the young rapper has been dealing with finally got the better of him a few days ago, because he decided to leave Twitter for good. "Since maf---s wanna be p----'s and fake tweet fake statements how bout i just shut down my twitter. You can thank the dumb f---s for it!" he tweeted on July 20.

Bow Wow's 'S--- on My Mind' video is obviously low budget, but packs a high amount of anger release. It's the second BW video to surface in a few weeks, following 'You Drinking Too Much.' We hope Bow Wow has found the wind-down solution he needed!

Things will definitely start looking up for him soon -- the rapper is set to release his 'Greenlight 4' mixtape this fall, just before his 'Underrated' LP drops on November 1.

Watch the Bow Wow 'S--- on My Mind' Video