Bow Wow's bark is worst than his bite as he wilds out in his new video for 'You Drinking Too Much.' The song is the first leak from his upcoming mixtape 'Greenlight 4,' which is due out this summer.

In the clip, Bow Wow, after a night of heavy drinking, points the camera at himself and gets a few things off his chest. Dressed in a black hoodie and a baseball cap, the Cash Money rhyme-spitter throws lyrical jabs at the haters, XXL magazine, gossip writers and anyone else who he feels has a problem with him.

Over stirring violins and a tense beat, Wizzle makes it clear that he's the best and no one can touch him. He barks: "Cook these n----s like the Forman grill / Lost a thousand to Kobe / S--t, no big deal / And I know that I'm the best / This is ain't the liquor talkin'/ He's the only competition / And that n---a is from New Orleans / I hate these new n----s / Talkin' to you n---a / Class is in session / Take him to school…"

Bow Wow also reveals in the clip that: He's still in love with his ex-girlfriend Angela Simmons; he's been making money since the Death Row Era (was he even born then?) and; he owns a Phantom Rolls-Royce with suicide doors (WTF?).

It's clear that Bow Wow is tired of the naysayers, and, quite possibly and understandably, he's stressed out since becoming a new dad. Whatever the case may be, stay out of this young man's way. Bow Wow is hungry and he's ready to take a bite out of the rap game. And that's not the liquor talking.

Watch the Bow Wow 'You Drinking Too Much' Video