Backstreet's back, alright. 34-year-old Backstreet Boys famer AJ McLean has found himself dabbling in something new and exciting, and it's not drugs or alcohol this time -- it's drag.

It's not often that a manly man like AJ tries drag on for size, much less on his own wedding day. Yes, really. Tyler Shields shot this hilarious pic as the BSB member was gearing up to walk down the aisle, though we're sure he didn't say 'I do' topless in a tutu and heels. "This is a photo we did in prep of AJ’s wedding which I was the minister," Shields shared on his photography website.

AJ and his new wife Rochelle Karidis exchanged vows on Dec. 17 in Los Angeles in front of family and friends, who were apparently laughing and crying. AJ first asked his lady in white to marry him during a concert in Las Vegas, so we imagine that dressing up like a (somewhat pretty) woman was the only way to top it!