Justin Bieber has already demonstrated to being a pretty amazing boyfriend to Selena Gomez. While actions speak louder than words, it's still fun to hear him talk about what makes a good relationship -- and a hit song.

"'Boyfriend,' my first single, was really fun to make," Bieber enthused. "I was in the studio with Mike Posner, and Mason, who produced it, and it's a new sound that no one's really used to," he said. "I thought it would be perfect for my album."

"The vibes in the studio were great," Biebs said. "Just being able to work productively, and there weren't too many people telling us what to do or what direction to go [in]. We kinda just went and vibed out."

Speaking of vibes, we get good ones from Bieber's relationship with a certain former Disney starlet. What makes a good boyfriend? "I think what makes a good boyfriend is commitment," Bieber smiled. "That's basically what I'm saying in my song: I'll never let you go. It's about doing things for them spontaneously. It's about just being the best boyfriend you can possibly be." Awwww, Biebs!

"When I was writing the raps for it and the verses, I was just thinking about things that I would do if I was your boyfriend," Bieber added, breaking out into a tiny grin. "So maybe you should just listen to the song and then maybe one day, me and you," he said, smiling coyly at the camera, "can be together." Ow ow!

Watch Justin Bieber Talk About What Makes a Good Boyfriend