Philadelphia soul group Boyz II Men are back and they sound just as soulful as they did when they were rocking 'Motownphilly' back in 1991. Now a trio, members Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris are still harmonizing thoughtful and mature songs of love and affection to a new generation.

Their latest single is 'More Than You'll Ever Know,' which is from their upcoming LP 'Twenty' due out in the fall. They also brought along veteran crooner Charlie Wilson who offers his soaring falsetto on the track.

On the piano-driven ballad, the three gentlemen recite words of love and devotion to their faithful ladyloves. Stockman's vocals are especially heartfelt as he sings, "I can't imagine not having you by my side / Everything you are and all that you do / I'm still in love with you." Meanwhile, Uncle Charlie croons, "You're my better half like a twin / You complete my words where I begin / We don't have to be validated / With love we always make it."

Yes, the song will give you warm fuzzies in your heart and it if it doesn't, then you need to check your pulse. 'More Than You'll Ever Know' is destined to be played at wedding receptions from coast to coast. This song is truly for the grown and the sexy.

Listen to Boyz II Men, 'More Than You'll Ever Know' (Feat. Charlie Wilson)