Remember Brandy? Yeah, we forgot about her, too. After overcoming several personal and professional setbacks, including the disappointing sales of her 2008 album 'Human,' the veteran R&B songbird is making a last-ditch effort to resurrect her singing career.

Brandy will document her journey back into the music game in a new docu-series called 'On My Own.' In a trailer for the show, we are introduced to the 32-year-old singer's new management team who shares her vision of making the best R&B album of her career.

"This is my last opportunity, I'm bringing everything I have to this project," Brandy says. "I honestly feel like, and I’m not trying to get emotional, I really feel like this is my last chance."

We also get to see Brandy as a doting mother raising her daughter Sy’rai as a single parent. "Unconditional love, it’s something that you can’t explain. It’s beyond. I’d die for her," she says.

In the meantime, Brandy's main focus is on her album and making it sure it sounds hot! "With this album, I just wanna go back to my roots, my core of who I am,” she says. “I’m R&B and I just wanna give my fans what they deserve."

Good luck, Brandy!

Watch the Brandy 'On My Own' Trailer Video