Breathe Carolina tease their next music video 'Hit and Run' with a brief trailer, in which the 2012 Warped Tour headliners establish a mysterious plot line surrounding secret agents and a wanted femme fatale. And you can check out the trailer exclusively here on PopCrush.

The trailer features just 15 seconds of actual footage but serves its purpose as a teaser that will leave viewers eager to see the rest of the clip. Band members David Schmitt and Kyle Even burst into a restaurant kitchen and punch out the cook, who collapses next to a newspaper with a large "Wanted" headline under a photo of a beautiful woman.

Next to that story in small print is a photo of Breathe Carolina with the headline, "Renegade Cops Hot on Her Trail," which provides our biggest clue about the possible plot of the video. The caption refers to the guys as "special agents." The subsequent image is a performance scene where the band plays the electropop track for an enthusiastic crowd, singing, "Tell me that you're ready cause I don't wanna hit and run."

With the black-and-white footage and the abundance of gentlemen in suspenders, the performance could be set in an earlier era. Or we could simply be watching a supremely fashionable crowd. The missing pieces of the puzzle will be filled in when the full video premieres on June 13 on Vevo.

'Hit and Run' is available now on iTunes. The track is expected to appear on Breathe Carolina's next album, the follow-up to 2011's 'Hell Is What You Make It,' which produced the infectious hit 'Blackout.'

Watch the Breathe Carolina 'Hit and Run' Video Trailer