On 'X Factor' tonight, teenager rapper Brian "Astro" Bradley proved that age is nothing but a number when it comes to talent. The Brooklyn native raps over popular hip-hop tracks with his own original rhymes, and he had the crowd and the judges grooving to the beat as he spit pretty impressive lyrics over Naughty by Nature's 'Hip Hop Hooray' and Missy Elliott's 'Get Your Freak On.'

Out of the 12 finalists, Astro is the only rapper of the bunch. Although the teen is quite confident in his abilities, he is nervous about America voting for him. "My greatest challenge is that I don't know if America will vote for hip-hop," the pint-sized rhyme slinger said. Although he had his doubts, he absolutely killed it onstage with his fluent verses, vivacious stage presence, and hipster/hip-hop wardrobe. We were also impressed with his choice of songs, since Astro is only 15 and both songs are way before his time.

After his electrifying performance that we're sure would've made NBN and Missy proud, the judges praised Astro's immense talent. "You march to the beat of your own drum and I know Jay-Z's got his eye on you," Paula Abdul said. Simon Cowell followed up by saying, "I think you are a real little star. Your ego is getting bigger, but that's what it needs. You need that confidence, that swagger."

We were also impressed with Astro's performance, and we hope that America embraces his musical style.

Watch Brian "Astro" Bradley Cover Naughty by Nature and Missy Elliott on the 'X Factor'