'X Factor' hopeful Brian Bradley said he considers Jay-Z and Kanye West to be his main competition, and that if you give him five years, he'll be watchin' the throne. For a 14-year-old Brooklynite, Bradley oozed confidence.

With his fashionable specs and stylish black and grey attire, Bradley set the table to impress us. He followed through and launched into a chest-puffed rap. He had flow and 'tude when popping off lyrics about his mama. We think his song was called 'Stop Looking at My Mom,' given the chorus.

He won the crowd over quickly as well as the judges. While Simon Cowell called him "arrogant, obnoxious and argumentative," he also said that Bradley is one of the most talented young people he's come across in quite some time. L.A. Reid said that during all the years he was at Def Jam, he was looking for someone like Brian Bradley to strut into his office.Wow. That's a big statement, but Bradley had the skills to back it up.

The camera cut to the mom we're not supposed to be looking at as she cried tears of joy. So sweet! Um, Bri, was it okay that we looked at your mom?

Watch Brian Bradley Perform 'Stop Looking at My Mom' on 'X Factor'