Brian Fuente was another 'The Voice' contestant who made it onto a coach's team – in this case, Blake Shelton's team -- but didn't get to have a fully televised audition. Yes, we were bummed. We wanted to see more, since we liked what we heard during the snippet that did air. He sang a Grace Potter song and it certainly captured Shelton's attention and he promptly turned his chair around.

Appearing infinitely stylish in a crimson blazer paired with a faux hawk and beard, Fuente certainly has the look and the image that sets singers apart on this show. From what we could tell of his super short audition, he's also got a quality voice. There had to be a reason that Shelton selected him, and since we weren't able to witness his entire performance, we'll look forward to discovering what Shelton saw in him for ourselves as the season moves forward.

In Fuente's 'After the Audition' chat with Christina Milian, he said he was so glad that Shelton whipped his seat around. He revealed he is from Nashville, so there is that southern connection. Aha. Maybe that's it.

Fuente also revealed that he has been working on his singing career since he was 13. He's now 28 and it's his time to shine. We look forward to hearing more from Brian Fuente as a member of Blake Shelton's team on 'The Voice.'

Watch Brian Fuente in the 'After the Audition' Interview