It's funny how stories seem to just fall into our laps at the right time. Like this one about a bride who SANG as she walked down the aisle. Here we are, actually watching our favorite episode of 'Brideszillas' ever featuring Karen Refaeli from Staten Island, when we happen upon this gem.

This bride chose Christina Aguilera's 'The Right Man' to serenade her soon-to-be-husband with and it's making us question why the people over at WeTV aren't recording it for our very own selfish eyes. Sure, there's video of it online, but if this chick pulled this on her wedding day, we couldn't even begin to imagine what other bridezilla-like stunts she would've pulled.

What's most shocking of all is the fact that she actually sounds decent; this bride can hold a note. Now, she's no Christina Aguilera by any means, don't let the bride's hand movements tell you otherwise, but it's highly entertaining. We especially enjoy how her lady in waiting, dressed in emerald, is careful to follow the bride down the aisle, adjusting her dress with each movement.

We probably would've walked out of the church, though, had we been witnesses to this. We're that nice.

Watch a Bride Sing Christina Aguilera's 'The Right Man' Down the Aisle