Britney Spears made a killing by selling her Beverly Hills mansion. The singer put the home on the market for $2,995,000 but made a huge profit, selling it for $4,253,000. Say what? She raked in more than $1 million above the asking price! That's nearly unheard of in a buyer's market. The real estate market has been famously down for years, yet Brit bucked the trend. However, the spread is located in the Summit, an exclusive, gated community, which certainly made it an attractive abode for someone with loot.

TMZ reports that Brit Brit's team listed the home at a modest price in order to elicit multiple bids and eventually a war, which would jack up the price and help the starlet turn a nice profit.The strategy appears to have worked in her favor.

In a longshot situation, Brit could net even more dough for the crib, as she is under her father's conservatorship in probate court. A hearing on the sale is set for next month, at which time someone else could veritably come in and issue a bid above the accepted offer.

Even though Brit is fattening her bank account from the sale, she is likely happy to be rid of the property, as it has bad memories for her. Remember when she broke down in 2008 and had to be taken to a hospital, with images of the at-the-time-brunette-singer on a stretcher, looking tearful splashed all over the tabs? It happened at this location.

With the home unloaded, word is Brit will shack up fiancé Jason Trawick. The pair will rent a house for now while they look for a permanent residence.