Can you believe that Britney Spears is turning 30 this year? Brit's milestone birthday will take place on Dec. 2, but she will be on out of the country and on tour in South America at that time. The 'Hold it Against Me' singer isn't going to let the fact that she is on the road and away from home damper her celebration plans! She told the UK edition of Glamour that something "spectacular" is in the works.

We wouldn't expect anything less from BritBrit.

"I'm really excited and will definitely do something spectacular," Brit revealed. "I'm going to be in South America so I’ll have to do something pretty fun. A carnival of Britney? I don't think I'll be doing that! It'll be something a little more low-key." Hey, Brit, why not a carnival? She could have her young sons Sean Preston and Jayden James out on the road to enjoy that spectacle with her!

Despite the fact that Brit is leaving her wild, drama-filled 20s behind, the singer is as grounded as she's ever been and she doesn't fear moving into the next decade of her life. In fact, she is embracing the big 3-0, which is smart, since you can't stop time. "I think the older you get, the wiser you get. I can't wait," Brit said about turning 30.

Happy early birthday, Brit! We can't wait to see what you come up with to celebrate your big day.