Britney Spears is taking on body image issues by spreading awareness about the use of airbrushing in pictures of celebrities. The songstress recently posed for before-and-after pictures to help kids and adolescents in the UK realize that even celebrities don't have perfect bodies, although it often appears that way in photos.

According to Capital FM, the pictures of Britney Spears pre and post-airbrushing will be sent to schools in the UK so that teachers can have a physical example of the prevalence of touch-ups when it comes to photos of celebrities.

Spears can be seen posing in a form-fitting, one-piece pink bathing suit with her hands above her head and her hip cocked to the side. In the before picture, it is clear that Brit has her own beautifully flawed body (although she still looks fabulous). However, when you look at the after picture, her body is transformed to look absolutely perfect, with a flawless complexion and skinny, immaculate figure.

The campaign has been organized to counteract the "size zero culture" problem that is affecting people worldwide. Body image issues often lead to eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, with people hurting their bodies to try and achieve a form that is clearly unattainable, even for superstars like Spears.

Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone said, "I want children to recognize their value is much more than physical appearance."

Hopefully, after the kids see these pictures of Britney, they will realize that everyone has their own imperfections, but that media outlets and publications often dupe the public with Photoshop techniques. Anybody could look like they're a size 2 when they have the right touch-up team tweaking their pictures! We commend Britney for helping with this important issue that affects people all over the world.