Britney Spears has cleaned up her image since accepting the job of 'X Factor' judge, looking posh and polished in form-fitting dresses and heels as she navigated the audition phases. It looks like her fellow judge Demi Lovato has rubbed off on her, since Brit debuted a new coif style. She has blue tips/extensions.

Demi rocked that look earlier this summer and now Brit has bright blue streaks in her blonde lock. Photos that surfaced on Twitter show Brit was sexy and subtle blue strands. While some might think that bright, multi-colored hair might skew a bit young, since Brit will be 31 in December, it's a cute, current and pop star-appropriate look for her. Besides, her nemesis Christina Aguilera rocked lavender streaks at a 'The Voice' junket and she's 31!

In other Brit Brit news, her interview from the 'X Factor' EPK has leaked, as well. She talks about how things have been entertaining, and how her past enables her to connect better with the contestants: "I can totally relate to these kids and what they're going through in trying to achieve their dream."

She says the live audience adds so much energy to the show and is essentially like Red Bull for the judges, giving them a boost!

She calls Simon Cowell "adorable" and reveals that she usually sides with him when it comes to contestants. They are often "in agreement in what we think a star should be." If anyone would know, it's those two. Brit is only one of the biggest pop stars EVER and Cowell has put together major pop acts, like, you know, One Direction.

And what exactly is the 'X Factor' in her mind? "It's that je ne sais quoi, that thing you can't put your finger on, but [it] punches out at you and makes people scream and mesmerized by you," Brit said.

Watch the Britney Spears Talk 'X Factor' Judging in EPK Clip