Britney Spears is walking like an Egyptian in a photo from her latest fragrance campaign. Brit has an entire range of perfumes in her scent portfolio, with her latest being Fantasy Twist, which drops in September, right around her debut as an 'X Factor' judge.

Brit rocks a gorgeous Cleopatra look in the imaging, draped in gold and looking like a goddess thanks to her headpiece and her other accessories, like her bracelets.

She shared the sexy image on Facebook, posting: "Channeling my inner Cleopatra today @Elizabeth Arden Fantasy Twist shoot. Fragrance is out in Sept." Channel away, Brit Brit. Channel away.

It's an exotic look for the 'Criminal' singer. Check out the shoulders on that dress -- they look like gilded feathers. Those are intense, aren't they? The sheer skirt leaves just enough to the imagination, too.

We also love that she is being sexy in a subtle way, as opposed to showing too much skin or pouting dramatically or letting a whole bunch of cleavage hang out.

Brit should recycle this outfit at her next Halloween party. She looks amazeballs. Quick, somebody cue The Bangles '80s smash, 'Walk Like an Egyptian.'

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