Like a tiny window inside of a jail cell, Britney Spears continues to tease fans eager to see her official 'Criminal' music video. To tide them over (and possibly taunt them further), Spears released an official lyric video for the track today on VEVO. British fans may appreciate this more than the official, as-yet-unreleased video for the song, which garnered criticism for its violent imagery immediately following the London riots.

The lyric video opens with a silhouette of  Spears and a hooded Jason Trawick. The couple's image fades to black. The visuals thereon are limited to occasional flashing police lights, accompanied by text of the lyrics, with the choruses resembling handwritten letters to Mama from Brit. Spears and Trawick reappear briefly after the bridge, then fade again until more text appears.

While pleasant, the video is not necessarily groundbreaking (nor is it as fun as this one, by a fan), but it has already served its purpose: We're talking about it!

Watch the Britney Spears Official 'Criminal' Lyric Video