We are BEYOND excited that the season premiere of 'X Factor' is just days away! Of course, what we're most excited about is the fact that we get to see our queen, a miss Britney Spears, on our TV screens multiple times a week!! And the new behind the scenes footage of 'X Factor' that was released makes us love Brit (and Demi Lovato) so much more.

"I like your shoes," says Spears to Lovato upon seeing each other for the first time for judging. "Those are rockin'!"  Some may have questioned the dynamic between the two one-time Disney starlets, but there seems to be no animosity here! Hallelujah!

The dynamic duo spend time mocking fellow judge Simon Cowell's British accent and talking about how nervous they are, allowing Cowell to spike Lovato's nerves by telling her she may actually "make a complete fool of yourself, and then your career's over!" "Great, cool..." responds a stunned Lovato, who just shrugs it off. And leave it to Cowell to try and find the silver lining. "But that's the worst that can happen!"

And then comes the long walk from backstage to the judges table, where Spears and Lovato spend time trying to figure out if they'll be sitting next to one another, rightfully assuming that they'll be seated in the middle of Cowell and L.A. Reid. And let's not leave out the fact that the two women find time to play along with Cowell's idea that the audience's applause will all be for him. "They're just gonna be so impressed by your new outfit they've never seen before," said Lovato of Cowell's usual uniform of white t-shirt and jeans.

And let's just talk about the incredible number of people following them to the stage? Are they entourage? Staff? Personal assistants? All for Britney? We're not really sure, but the behind the scenes footage just makes us more and more excited for 'X Factor!'