What's a little love bite? Britney Spears is femme fataling it while on tour in Rio and she got more than she bargained for when she plucked a fan from the crowd to give him a lap dance on the stage -- he took a bite out of her leg. Ouch.

Brit, dressed in a black and pink teddy paired with black combat boots, danced and pranced on the stage, seated on her signature pink convertible that has a stripper pole protruding from the back seat.

In this clip, Brit Brit shakes her bootay and then pulls out a pink feather boa, which she snakes around her unsuspecting prey's neck. His hands are bound behind the pole, so there is little he can do.

Uh, think again!

The fan, who is clearly having a good time and is a good sport, doesn't let the 'Criminal' singer emasculate him with pink fur. He is grooving while seated and Brit takes her spot behind him and then attempts her choreographed move of hopping up the pole to wrap her legs around him. When she does so, he bites her calf! Alarmed, she quickly pulls her leg back and drops down, but surprisingly never misses a beat. The show goes on and Brit kept performing while the biter continued to dance in place.

Hope she has her shots! Brit looked a little unnerved by the bite, but the dude was probably prepared for his close up and realized in advance that this is the closest he'd ever get to the pop diva so he may as well take advantage of it and give her a love bite.

Watch Britney Spears Get Bitten by Fan During Lap Dance