A clever, creative Britney Spears fan has crafted an amazing lyric video for her flute-driven new single 'Criminal.' The fan takes us through a digital book dubbed 'Twisted Fairy Tales,' and we stumble onto 'Criminal,' a story by Miss Britney Spears. Seriously, that's how it's credited. We flip through the narrative chapters and witness our heroine Brit as a pirate wench, complete with an eye patch, skull and crossbones-adorned hat. We also enjoy her as a princess and a genie, among other sexy characters, as the overall protagonist.

As with any fairy tale, twisted or otherwise, there are antagonists and villains on Brit's trail! The song, with its airy flute melody, certainly lends itself to interpretations such as this, full of fantasy and blurred realities. This lyric video is certainly less controversial than the video shoot was, since Brit brandished a gun, which sent locals into an uproar, given recent local violence in the area of England in which she was filming.

This genius lyric vid is so much more entertaining than most of the ones that cross our desks and computer monitors in a day! Nice work and kudos to VJ4rawr, the uber-talented YouTube user who created the clip!

Brit ought to show most of this enchanted lyric video to her young boys Sean Preston and Jayden James. They would love seeing mommy as the main character in a CGI book!

Watch the 'Criminal' Lyric Video