We are so excted for the launch of Britney Spears' new perfume Fantasy Twist! If the commercial for her newest fragrance wasn't enough, there is more behind-the-scenes footage that is making its rounds on the web.

We die for anything our Queen is involved in.

In the first few seconds of the behind the scenes clip, we see Spears in the makeup chair, getting beautified by makeup artist Billy B and goofing around like her Britney self. It's pretty safe to say that the goofy side is what fans love most about her because it's real.

She's then transformed into the golden goddess, if you will, and is working on minor choreography before taking on the darker side of the campaign. Fitted in a black bob wig, Spears is having fun in the chair, making faces and enjoying her new alter ego as darker makeup is applied. Then standing in front of the camera, she makes an attempt at speaking a non-English language, but it's a pretty safe bet that our girl is just making it up as she goes.

Up next is her Jean Harlow-inspired lok. Short blond wavy hair and a smokey eye accompany this look before she once again changes into a more Britney-esque look, complete with her signature long hair, softer makeup and that famous Britney smile.

We just adore her -- I mean, look at these screenshots!