Oops, she did it again! According to The Next Web, Britney Spears has achieve a social-media milestone by becoming the first artist to reach 2 million followers on Google+. This is an amazing feat considering that just seven months ago, she hit 1 million followers. That means Brit was racking up 30,000 fans a day. Wow!

However, those numbers pales in comparison to the pop starlet's stats on Facebook and Twitter. So far, she has at 17.3 million friends on Facebook and 13.2 million followers on Twitter.

The Next Web reports that Spears is quite active on the social network with posting photos and updating fans about her daily routines. Her engagement levels consists of her posts averaging more than 100 comments, 300 +1s and 25 reshares. Unfortunately, fans have been unable to chat with her because she hasn't utilized the Google+ feature Hangout, their online video chat service. C'mon Britney, don't be shy.

Although Britney's popularity on Google+ is rising, she has some stiff competition on the horizon. President Barack Obama recently joined the service and is making his presence felt with Google+ features like Hangout.

In any case, congrats to Britney Spears on being 'In the Zone' with her social media game.