Britney Spears is about to get smashed and we aren't talking about alcohol intake. The singer is supposedly in discussions for a guest role on NBC's mid-season musical hit 'Smash.'

Brit Brit is said to be a huge fan of the show and wants to appear. Apparently, Brit has sat down with the powers-that-be and the writers are trying to find the right way to work her into the series, even if for a few episodes.

InTouch reports that a friend of the soon-to-be-married singer said, “She’s met with producers, and they’re looking for the appropriate role for her." A role on the show, which follows a fictional Broadway production, would vicariously fulfill the 'Criminal' singer's dream to one day be on Broadway. It might not be the real Great White Way, but it's good enough.

The small screen is familiar territory for Brit. She has guested on 'Glee,' which 'Smash' is similar to in formula, and she has hit the sit com circuit, appearing on 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'Will & Grace.' Former 'Grace' star Debra Messing is now a regular on 'Smash, ' so there is history there. Seems like it's serendipitious for Brit to appear on the show.

Bring Brit to Broadway, 'Smash' writers!