Clubgoers and Britney Spears fans alike should already be familiar with ‘Hold It Against Me,' the new single off her highly-anticipated seventh album.

The dub-step production sounds like it would be heard at a Deadmaus show rather than a Britney one, perhaps the hardest and grimiest sound yet for Spears. She even warns us as the song opens with the lyric, “Hey, over there, please forgive me, if I’m coming on too strong.”

Though the single has a rough and aggressive framework, it’s complimented by Spears’ sweet and playful and usual breathy vocals.

An integral part of her superstar persona, Spears playfully keeps her sexuality in check on ‘Hold,’ with a similar theme and energy to ‘3,’ her other recent hit that shot to No.1, but on this track she’s itching to go home. It marks a milestone for Spears, being the second artist in US history to debut at No. 1 more than once, behind Mariah Carey.

A naughty Britney teases with her words on the chorus:

“If I said my heart was beating loud / If I could escape the crowd somehow / If I said I want your body now / would you hold it against me? / Cause you-feel-like paradise / and I need a vacation tonight.”

The instrumental leading up to the final refrain is the single’s most cinematic moment, like that of an action sequence, and it should position her upcoming video for an exciting climax and choreographed stunt.

One thing Britney never fails at is staying on trend, in this case delivering her most progressive single to date. Producers Dr. Luke, Max Martin and newcomer, Canadian producer Mathieu Jomphe (Robyn, Kesha) -- along with songwriter Bonnie McKee -- gave Britney the one-two punch to heat up the dancefloors this winter.

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Hold It Against Me'