Britney Spears has fans of all ages and from all walks of life, and she truly embraces every single on of them. Spears recently posted a picture of a homeless fan, and she is asking her followers on Twitter to help hunt him down so she can give a gift to him.

In the picture, the grizzly-looking man is holding a sign that reads, "Need to get new Britney Spears CD. Anything will help, God bless." Although it seems like a gimmick, if he really does love Brit, that is one of the finest examples of fan dedication that we have ever seen.

Once Spears caught a glimpse of the photo, she posted it on her Twitter along with the message, "If anyone can find this gentleman I've got a package with my entire catalog with his name on it.... -Britney."

Even though the man was probably trying to implement some humor into his beggar sign in order to grab some extra attention, we still have our fingers crossed that Britney is able to find him. Maybe she can give him a CD player and some cash with that catalog of music, as well.