Even though she rejected a make out sesh with Lady Gaga in character as the smoldering male alter ego Jo Calderone at last month's VMAs, Britney Spears had nothing but kind things to say about Gaga during a recent chat with AMTV in the UK. Spears labeled the Mother Monster as "hilarious," "strong-willed" and astutely pointed out that she "understands the craft of being an entertainer." Nail, meet head. Brit certainly sees Gaga for all the things that she is. We still think she should have shared a bigger smooch with Gaga at the VMAs (it was just a measly peck on the cheek).

Here's what Brit said about Gaga, courtesy of the Propagaga fan site: "She’s hilarious. She was so into character, and really strong-willed. The way she portrayed herself, she exuded such confidence and uniqueness in her character — it was really crazy and fun. [...] She comes from the theater, so she gets the background of not just coming out with a good song, which a lot of people do, but she understands the craft of being an entertainer."

Brit also weighed in on why Gaga has achieved such a measure of fame, saying, "I think that’s why she appeals to so many people because they love to see what she’s going to do next and it’s so interesting, even for me, to watch her. She’s a character, she’s really cool.”

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