The idea of Britney Spears doing a Las Vegas residency is so perfect that it's hard to believe she hasn't been performing there nightly for the last 10 years. Sadly, the deal hasn't been finalized yet, but it looks like our long wait might finally be almost over.

Sources at the awesomely named Spears fansite Breathe Heavy claim that the retired 'X Factor' judge will be jetting out to Vegas "towards the end of this week" to do a walkthrough at the Planet Hollywood Live theater where she's set to "perform a string of shows for an extended amount of time." While it sounds like Spears is putting the finishing touches on the deal, there are apparently still a few more t's to cross and i's to dot. The BH post puts it, "An announcement regarding her residency may happen while she’s in town, but could be pushed off til’ the week after next as the deal is not 100% finalized… yet."

As we previously reported, Spears seems to be in pretty good spirits about her impending desert pilgrimage; in fact, she was recently seen on Twitter "talking" to her dog about whether pooches are allowed to gamble in Vegas. So while we'll have to wait a few more days before things are super duper "no backsies" official, we can pretty much bank on Britney's return to the Strip. Here's hoping she doesn't wake up married to one of her childhood friends this time!

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