Praise Godney! The pop deities have smiled upon us with a new leak from the Holy Spearit herself — a 30-second snippet of 'Look Who's Talking,' an unreleased track sung and co-written by Britney Spears with her 'Toxic' collaborators Bloodshy & Avant back in 2005.

The song, which was written as part of the recording sessions for 'Original Doll' (the title of Spears' never-released album cut after 2003's 'In the Zone,' several tracks of which were eventually released on 'Blackout' in 2007), is actually already familiar to hardcore Spears fans: Though Spears' version remained unreleased, K-Pop superstar BoA released the song on her 2009 self-titled English-language debut — and the snippet of Britney's demo sounds quite similar to BoA's, though both singers' vocals are hyper-processed on the track, making the resemblance all the more marked.

BoA herself was excited to get her hands on a track written by Spears: as she explained to Entertainment Weekly, "When we saw the credit, we saw B. Spears, we were like, who’s B. Spears … As in Britney Spears? They told me that she wrote that song, so I was like ‘Oh, okay!’ She was really cool, really nice.”

As others have noted, the song sounds a little dated — and not totally in keeping with Spears' hyper-current, dubstep-inspired, amped-up sound — but we're still stoked to have this little piece of Britney history.

Listen to Britney Spears, 'Look Who's Talking'