Britney Spears is happily planning to wed boyfriend Jason Trawick but her walk down the aisle for the third time might be delayed, thanks her manager-for-a-minute Sam Lutfi.

Lutfi was considered a predatory force in Spears' life when she was publicly battling her demons circa 2007. When her father Jamie took over her business affairs via a conservatorship, a restraining order was enacted against Lutfi. Now, Brit Brit's lawyers recommend that she settle her lawsuit with him before she marries Trawick due to a legal loophole.

A source told Perez Hilton about the legal red tape involved, saying, "Lawyers for Britney's conservatorship have been successful in keeping her from being deposed in the Lutfi litigation. She could get married under the conservatorship, but the judge would have to sign off on it. If that were to happen, lawyers repping Lutfi would absolutely go into court and argue that if Britney were able to get married, she should be able to be deposed. There is no way Team Spears is going to let that happen."

If Brit Brit settles with Lutfi before a trial, then she can marry Trawick. The couple is reportedly in no rush and already feel like they are married.

In other Brit Brit legal tussles, the singer has settled a suit with Fernando Flores, a former bodyguard who also worked for her for a hot minute. He made some nasty claims about our gal Brit and her hygiene, or lack thereof. TMZ reports that sources close to Brit say the suit is bull, but rather than have to deal with a private mediator, Brit decided to settle. It is not known if Brit forked over any cash, since the deal terms are confidential.

Jeez, so many parasites in Brit's life. She's still struggling with the trouble of extracting herself from her dealings with them, several years removed. We'll be happy when she's Mrs. Jason Trawick. Her life really turned around when she got together with him.