Britney Spears was lovingly interrogated by Popjustice and she revealed a major bombshell: She has her own mini club inside her house. No wonder we haven't seen Brit Brit out late at Hollywood or NYC clubs recently.  She doesn't need to go out when she has her own place to chill. Not to mention that she's raising two little boys, which eats up party time.

Brit was asked her bedtime -- it's 10:30 -- which prompted the discussion of what her days are like. She then revealed that when on tour, she gets up, works out, spends time with Sean Preston and Jayden James, heads to the venue, eats dinner, and gets ready to perform. That led to her admission that "I love routine and structure," something that's hard to achieve when you are a global pop sensation! This line of questioning generated a discussion about Brit's new album 'Femme Fatale' being full of club bangers and references to 'The Club' in the lyrics. 'The Club' being 'Every Club,' which all her dancefloor ready fans can relate to.

Brit said, "I never go to 'The Club.' But I think it’s fun to sing about it. And I have my own mini club at my house."

Back up. A mini club? At Casa de Britney? Oh yes. "I play a lot of music in there," Brit admitted. The club has no name, but it does have a glitterball, lights, catering, and a whole set up. That's one posh, exclusive club.

The singer said that if she was but a one-hit wonder, things would not be drastically different. She'd still be raising her family and being a mom. "It would probably pretty much be the same because I’m very strong in the way I raise my kids and stuff, so it would probably be pretty much the same but career-wise I’d probably be a teacher," she said. "I love kids and even in what I do now one of my favorite parts of my day is getting to meet my fans before the show. Especially the little ones. They are always so cute."

Brit was adorable when she was a Mouseketeer but then she grew up and became increasingly sexy and sexual, and as result, all eyes were on her. When asked if she likes being looked at, she answered, "I don’t like being judged. But I, you know, I think it’s flattering when people make comments that are nice. Particularly when it’s something that inspires me to do better."