Britney Spears showed her two sides --suburban and sexy-- on her Instagram feed.

The singer shared super adorbs pics from a motocross sesh with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James and teased a still from the 'Work Bitch' video, where she flashed some skin in the most subtle of ways.

Brit in mommy mode is really a cute sight. Like we can't stand it. If you work b---h, you can play b---h.

Check out the shot of her and one of her boys on the bike at a breakneck speed of 5MPH. That's Jayden on the bike with her. He's either terrified or annoyed at the camera for breaking his concentration. We think it's the latter.

Here's both of Brit's boys.

And here it is…the photo from the 'Work Bitch' video, which is a total tease. It's Brit's kneecap. Not like we ever thought of the knee as a sexy bone. But it's just a flash of skin and it's enough of a tease.