Yesterday we reported that pop tart Britney Spears was seen out with a mystery man on Valentine's Day. The two enjoyed a $60 sushi dinner in casual fashion, dressed down in jeans, and played a round of golf together. We've got some more concrete details on who he is.

At first, the identity of the mystery man was impossible to unearth, with Brit's wily reps stonewalling and saying they were trying to find out the identity of her date. However, some details about the man in question have surfaced.

His name is David, he is 27 and from Atlanta. He is said to be "a normal guy" who works for a law firm. Now, that does not mean he is a lawyer. He does field research for the firm that employs him.

The two met through mutual friends. He is a big fan of golf and was teaching Brit some key moves. She has become so enamored of the sport (or maybe she's just crushin' on David) that she may become a member of the country club where she resides so she can work on her swing. Fore!

Brit just ended her engagement with her onetime agent Jason Trawick like a minute ago but she's already stepping out and moving on.

Since Brit's life is often a cyclone of drama, a normal guy without deep ties to the entertainment industry seems like a smart move. She needs a calming influence, one that isn't caught up in the bright lights of the big city and who isn't in the eye of the storm of nonsense that follows her. She could use a stabilizing force, which Trawick often was for her.

Brit and David are both Southern, so perhaps that's why they hit it off! We hope Brit is able to enjoy some quiet, quality time with David, even if it's just casual and only for now.

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