Britney Spears called into 92.3 NOW to chat with Nick Cannon and the morning show about her new album and new music video, but also gave family advice to Nick, who is expecting twins with Mariah Carey.

Brit released her new album on Tuesday, and as the buzz still in flames, Cannon wanted to know just what 'Femme Fatale' means. "It means strong woman," she says. "Confident woman."

With Nick expecting boy/girl twins, Brit -- a confident, strong mother-of-two boys close in age -- offered a little advice on how to handle it. She called Nick's twins (a surprise to her) a blessing, adding, "You can't explain it, having children. It's one of the most beautiful things you can ever do in your life."

The 'Till the World Ends' superstar even revealed that when she's home with her little boys, she cooks! "Just a southern meal," the singer/mom remarks when asked her favorite dish to make them, which includes roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. "I'm not that great of a cook, but I try," Spears admits.

Nick also dished that Miss Spears was a part of his most embarrassing moment ever. Ten years ago, Brit was brought in to teach the father-to-be some dance moves on Snick (remember Snick?), but laughed at him -- hysterically -- when he revealed his 105-pound body in a spandex outfit.

Watch Britney Give Nick Some Dance Tips on Snick