Britney Spears seems to be on the up and up, with her smash album 'Femme Fatale' topping the charts and receiving positive reviews for her world tour — but we have to say, we're a little unsettled by recent reports of what the Holy Spearit requested on the rider for the London stop of the Femme Fatale tour.

Stars are known to make outrageous demands on their tour riders, but Godney's requests were just plain weird: Some decadent English seafood, like fish and chips as well as deep fried scampi with a side of mushy peas, plus McDonald's cheeseburgers (without the buns — gotta watch those carbs!), and 100 figs and prunes. No big deal: A source told the Daily Mirror, "Britney doesn't count the calories when she's in Britain." We'll gladly cut her some slack, since she's been looking pretty healthy in recent photographs.

The oddest request, though? A framed picture of Princess Diana. Said the source, "Britney adores the monarchy. Diana was in many ways her inspiration." Given Britney's turbulent past, we'd prefer if she idolized someone who hadn't met such an early, and tragic, fate — even if Diana was a global symbol of glamour and poise, couldn't Brit have picked someone whose story ended on a slightly more positive note?

God save the Queen! (Of pop, that is.)