Some candid pictures from Britney Spears' video shoot for 'Criminal' have surfaced and it appears that Brit is taking the title of her latest single literally in the accompanying clip.

Judging from the handful of pics posted on Twitter, Brit is knocking over a grocery store! Our girl Brit is a criminal ... Even if only for a music video. She's allowed to have a little fantasy fun.

Brit looks sexy -- yeah, there's a surprise -- and fall weather appropriate in skintight jeans, black leather jacket and a black boots. She's rocking the long, wavy extensions that she wore to the VMAs, too. It's one of the best looks our favorite pop music Femme Fatale has rocked all year while promoting the album of the same name!

Brit is currently on a press blitz in support of the album in the UK, which is where she is also shooting the video. That's not the only thing that's shooting, either. Brit's packing quite a formidable pistol -- check it out, as it shows up multiple times. It's tucked in her jeans and she's brandishing it in her hands. Brit's a pistol-packing mama, isn't she?

Her boyfriend Jason Trawick is also in the shots, so it's likely that he's going to be in the video, too. Unless, of course, he and Brit Brit have gone rogue a la Bonnie and Clyde and are really engaging in a life of crime. Yeah, we dobut that. Nevertheless, the signer's main man rocking a flannel, a ski cap and glasses. Perhaps it's an attempt to conceal his identity in the video.

These photos certainly make us want more from Brit as 'Criminal.'