A commercial of Britney Spears' Rocker Femme Fantasy perfume made its way onto the Internet -- much to the delight of Britney stans everywhere.

It looks like the "Circus" singer filmed the commercial while backstage at one of her Vegas shows, and she looks amazing with her smoked out eyes and sheer, bedazzled top. She says, "I'm so excited to launch my new fragrance. I hope it gives you the power to unlock your Rock N Roll side!" And with that pink-ombre, spherical botle with the sparse black beading surrounding it, there's no way that it couldn't. We love that the bottle gives off that feminine-meets-edgy kind of vibe, which is what we assume Britney was going for when she helped mock up the design (if she did, indeed, help mock up the design).

Aside from releasing a new fragrance (Britney's Rocker Femme Fantasy perfume was reportedly released back in 2014, by the way, so pick it up ASAP), Britney's been hard at work when it comes to music. She was recently seen filming what many outlets are reporting is the music video to go along with her collaborative effort with Iggy Azalea, for a track called "Pretty Girls." The two were seen decked out in total 80s attire, shooting in a Jeep. We're not sure when the track is supposed to debut, but there's no denying we're beyond excited to get some new music from Britney, like, yesterday -- especially considering the fact that she won't be releasing a full-length record any time soon. We're still pretty sad about that one.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Britney's commercial in the video above!

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