Pst! Yeah, we're talking to you. Wanna hear a 'Secret,' which is a demo from Britney Spears' 2011 album 'Femme Fatale?' Let us oblige you, as a snippet of the song has landed on the web.

First, it's hard to believe that Spears' comeback album 'Femme Fatale' came out almost a year ago. Brit Brit released the platter, largely considered her best work in years, in late March of 2011. Lately, demos from that album have been leaking. A snippet of the song 'Secret' has dropped as a bit of a way to welcome in 2012.

The snippet is all of 30 seconds long and it's synth-heavy with a killer beat, as Brit breathily coos "I'll be your best friend / Your sex friend." Well, at least it sounds like she sings "sex friend." Perhaps this song is an ode to being a friend with benefits? It sounds like it's a sexed up little romp that reminds us of when Brit was at the height of her sexy girl powers.There was a period when Brit Brit ruled the pop world, when Gaga was still in her early teens. We remember that time fondly.

Oh No They Didn't reports that the song was planned to be the first single from Brit's seventh album and that it would serve as the title of the record, which was obviously a scrapped plan. The song didn't even make the final cut of the album.

Listen to Britney Spears Demo for 'Secret'